Government Assisted Refugees (GARs) arriving with great needs

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Many sponsoring groups have been working hard for months making sure that the family they are supporting has all its needs met and a community to welcome them. What has recently happened in Halton and Hamilton, though are Government Assisted Refugees arriving from Toronto and moving here because they are running out of places to put them in the GTA. These newcomers do not have a supportive community gather like we have done for Sponsored Refugees. There are government Refugee Assistance Program (RAP) agencies which are supposed to supply all their needs, but these RAPs seem to have been overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of refugees. We in Halton have formed an informal alliance to try to help them. We met with a representative of one of the Toronto RAPs who expected that there would be 10 more families coming to Halton. Now it looks like there will be 40 coming to Burlington. We need your help! Different groups within our alliance are collecting items for these families:·

. Starter kit (first 2 weeks of food + cleaning supplies) Halton Mosque – Contact: Abdullah Hatia P. 905 630-7059 E.

· Bedding – St. Luke’s – Contact: Janice Skafel H. 905-332-0837 C. 905-617-1941 E. – When donating or requesting bedding, please be specific on quantity/size and if possible age/sex.

· Kitchen – Compassion Society – Contact: P. 905-592-3722 Anna Papis E. or Jeremy Heatley E.

· Kitchen – Alfalah Islamic Centre – Contact: Behije Noka P. 905-337-1905 E. or Mokhtar Noka P. 289-990-3033 E.

· Toiletries – Milton Volunteers – Contact: Zeeshan Habid (Zee) P. 416 823-6993 E.

· Clothing – (By appointment only) SafetyNet – Contact: Bill Shields 905 845-7233 Drop off location: 226 Randall St Suite 101 Oakville

· Clothing – working on other options TBD - Looking for more volunteers - space, sorting & collection

· Food after first 2 week – Contact : Jenn Beaver P. 416 878-3089 E.


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