Our sponsored Refugee family has arrived in Burlington!

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This update is over 30 days old.

Our sponsor family arrived in Burlington this past Saturday. They have settled into their temporary accommodations and will move into their apartment this week.

Our team members and new friends have been checking in on the family to make sure they have everything they need. Hot meals have been provided, as well as fresh fruit which the children love. Team members have been on hand to ensure the family’s comfort.

The Google Translate app has been a lifesaver. Since our family only speaks Arabic, our English speaking team members have been able to use the app to communicate with the family. Voice recognition and text input allow us to have conversations that would otherwise be impossible.

Over the next week our family will be kept busy. They have initial appointments with their new family doctors, with the school board for registration and with the bank to open an account. A rental application has been submitted for a lovely unit in downtown Burlington and we are all looking forward to move in day. We have been incredibly fortunate that we have received enough donations to provide our family with a fully furnished apartment.

We are thankful for new friends who are recent arrivals in Canada that also speak Arabic. They are acting as first friends for our family and are especially important since they share the same cultural background. They can help provide guidance and advice in a way that our committee can’t – they have been through similar challenges. They know what it’s like to take small children across the world to a new country. We are fortunate that we have connected with them and cannot thank them enough for their time and efforts.

Burlington has repeatedly proved to be an incredible city. Donations, both monetary and in kind, have been made to not just our group but to the many others in our area. Our teammates have met their goals with aplomb, even with the accelerated timeline presented last week. Almost two weeks into our official fundraising campaign we are almost at 50% of our fundraising goal and hope to continue that momentum. There is a reason that this city has been voted the third best city in which to live in all of Canada and the sixth best city in Canada for new immigrants. This city, both at the municipal and community level, have proven to be generous and compassionate. Our success as a sponsor group is largely due to the generosity of this city. We are excited that our sponsor family will start their new life among such incredible citizens.

The next few weeks will provide new challenges for our family. The eldest child will start school. Language training will begin. Our team and our action groups are ready to support our family every step of the way.

Part of our family’s success depends on financial assistance throughout the next year and we are reaching out to Burlington residents to help us meet our goal.

You can find more information on our family and fundraising campaign at www.holycrosshelps.com


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