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posted almost 5 years ago by denisel from Port Nelson United Church Refugee Sponsorship Group Labels: sponsorship
This update is over 30 days old.

I am part of the Port Nelson United Church sponsorship group, and we have been working with a wonderful translator named John.

We have already begun sponsoring 4 Syrian refugees, one of them landed in Canada on Thursday December 10th. John has been helping us with shopping and explaining who we are and what we do.

Today John received notice that his uncle, his uncle's wife and two daughters are in Lebanon and require sponsorship help. John was asked if his family could sponsor on their own, but with the financial requirements a private sponsorship is not possible.

Are you looking for a family to sponsor?

Would you be open to discussing sponsoring John's extended family?

They are waiting for help, and are currently in Lebanon. They are Syrian Christians who have refugee status, but they need the help of a sponsorship team in order to raise the funds to bring the family over. Again they are a family of four, one father, mother and two daughters.


  • Has a group been formed for John's uncle and family? we're open to discussing this sponsorship need. If this is no longer a current need, we'd still be interested in getting in touch with other individuals who are looking for "group of five partners".

    Thanks in advance for your help

    JimOMeara "(over 4 years ago)"
  • Jim.

    If you look through the list of volunteers there are at least five people / families interested in sponsoring a family.

    BurlingtonFire "(over 4 years ago)"
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