An update for volunteers and donors.

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This update is over 30 days old.

Like everyone else we are in ‘wait and see mode’. In anticipation we have established this site to match Syrian Refugee Host Organizations in Burlington with citizens or groups who wish to donate goods, money or time. We ask everyone who wishes to donate or volunteer to register on this site and once our community host organizations and support groups have established the specific needs of the refugees in our community they will contact you directly. This is a long-term project that is only beginning.

As of noon on the 10th of December we have registered the following:

37 self-identified volunteers, including 9 volunteers who have stated that they have translation skills.

33 persons or families who have offered donations of items. The primary types of donation offerings to date have been clothing and bedding.

Note: All cash donations go directly to the community organizations who can be identified on this site under the ' donate cash' button and no money is handled by or the City of Burlington.


  • This portal is a terrific hub for gathering like minded community members together! I have a room in my home to share with a parent/child (because I also have time to assist with babysitting, ESL, etc) - I don't think that's something that's to be captured here. Is it? (I attended the Dec 1 meeting & filled in the form - I'm "scooter lady"!) BUT, once I know for sure someone will be taking me up on my offer - I will need some assistance from the community to get fully ready. I'm disabled & need to have the room cleared of boxes. I will also need furniture donations for the bedroom & a sofa for the living room. So once I have been contacted & know someone is coming to,share my home, that is when I'd reach out on the "I need help" side, correct?

    Jacquie "(almost 5 years ago)"
  • Good day Jacquie. I heard your terrific offer at the community meeting. As we are receiving many offers of assistance I would really help us if you could you please register your offer in the donation section of the site and once a need for your offer has been recognized a community organization will contact you directly.

    BurlingtonFire "(almost 5 years ago)"
  • Glad I asked! I'd hate to be sitting just waiting if there was more I could to make sure my offer was in the pipeline. I've added myself to the donation section & tagged it "accommodation". So now once I'm contacted about a potential new housemate that's when I'd put in my request in the other section for help clearing & readying the room & collecting some furniture donations? Thanks! :)

    Jacquie "(almost 5 years ago)"
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